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Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer Risk Factors

The alarming news is one-third of all cancer deaths are related to poor diet and lack of exercise. But the good news is that even a few simple, small steps can lower your risk for cancer. What can you do?

If you're overweight, losing just 5 percent of your weight (or 8 lbs for a 160 lb individual) can decrease your risk for chronic diseases. Limit alcohol consumption to one drink a day for women; two drinks a day for men. One-third of all cancers can be attributed to smoking/tobacco use. Quit smoking and you’ve lowered your risk immensely. You can also lower your risk of certain skin cancers by limiting your exposure to the sun.

While there's no way to completely guarantee you'll never be at risk for cancer, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting your alcohol consumption, refraining from tobacco use and lowering your exposure to the sun can go a long way towards enjoying a healthy, cancer-free life.

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