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Our Vision & Mission

History of the Center

Through the vision of Thomas B. Bond, MD, planning for the Moncrief Cancer Center began soon after World War II. With the help of several key associations and prominent local citizens, a non-profit organization was created to facilitate the new center - The Radiation and Medical Research Foundation of the Southwest.  This Foundation was actually a pioneer of the concept of a true community radiation therapy center and was the first such facility in the Southwest.

The Cancer Center, then known as the Radiation Center, began treating patients in August 1958. In 1966, a generous contribution by Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Moncrief and a matching federal grant funded an expansion of the facility.

Within a decade, the center became one of the top radiation facilities in the Southwest. An additional donation of $2.5 million by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moncrief led to another major expansion in 1979. Based on the continued generosity and guidance from the Moncrief family, the new Center was dedicated as the Moncrief Radiation Center in 1980.

In 1995, administration of the Center was given to the University of Texas System's MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In 1999, administration was transferred to UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

The combined strength of Moncrief Cancer Center and UT Southwestern Medical Center allows for continued growth, while insuring we maintain our commitment and dedication to cancer patients.  In 2006, Moncrief Cancer Center changed its direction from radiation treatment to expand its patient support services.  Now in operation as Moncrief Cancer Institute, we will continue to provide the best possible patient support services available.

Our Vision

To provide Tarrant County and surrounding communities with the foremost science, resources and programs to reduce the threat and impact of cancer.

Our Mission

To further the humanitarian mission of the UT Southwestern Moncrief Cancer Institute organization, we will be a leader in our community’s efforts to fight cancer and reduce its burden throughout the continuum of care utilizing:

  • Education and Community Awareness
  • Prevention and Early Detection
  • Behavioral and Nutritional Sciences
  • Research and Innovative Technologies

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