The COVID-19 Vaccine and Your Annual Screening Mammogram

The COVID-19 vaccine and your annual screening mammogram are important for your health – they both save lives.

“We want you to get your COVID-19 vaccination and your annual mammogram, but it is important to consider the timing,” said Keith Argenbright, M.D., director of Moncrief Cancer Institute.

The COVID-19 vaccines may cause swelling in the lymph nodes under the arm where you received your vaccine. This is a normal response to a vaccine as lymph nodes are one of the immune system’s first lines of defense. Swollen lymph nodes can be seen on a mammogram and may prompt an abnormal finding and follow-up exam.

Therefore, we recommend the following guidelines to prevent an unnecessary follow-up appointment.

  1. Schedule your annual screening mammogram before your first COVID-19 vaccine dose.
  2. If you have started your vaccination process, please schedule your annual screening mammogram for 6 weeks after your second vaccine dose.

These recommendations do not apply to any patient experiencing breast symptoms. Please consult your physician or call us at 800.405.7739.