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Mammograms can save a life

What's your reason to screen?

Early Detection Is Our Best Chance Against Cancer

It’s the reason we created the Mobile Screening Clinic, a traveling clinic that brings 3D mammography technology to companies across North Texas.

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Preventive Care, Anywhere

Our Mobile Screening Clinic brings a unique, convenient care experience to your company. In just a few simple steps, you can book a screening event.

1. Confirm your company’s insurance.

Confirm with your health insurance provider that UT Southwestern is in their network. Billing is completed through your employees’ insurance plans. Most insurance companies cover annual mammograms at 100%.

2. Scout your site.

One of our drivers will scout the location in advance to work out logistics and make sure there’s enough space for the Mobile Screening Clinic.

3. Set a date.

Based on availability, select a date that works best for your organization. We’ll confirm and provide marketing materials to encourage employees to register for the event and let them know when we’ll be on site. There is no charge to bring our Mobile Screening Clinic to your workplace.

The Best Cancer-Fighting Tools on Wheels

Step inside the Mobile Screening Clinic and you’ll find some of the finest cancer-fighting tools around. From innovative technology to experienced cancer experts, we offer:

  • Breast cancer screening, including a 3D mobile mammography clinic
  • Private exam rooms
  • ADA accessibility, including a power chair lift

We’re Here to Help

From coordinating the event to promoting it, we work closely with your team to simplify the entire experience.

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Who Should Screen

Annual screenings are recommended for women beginning at age 40.

A Multidimensional Look at Cancer

Our Mobile Screening Clinic is outfitted with state-of-the-art 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, considered the most advanced breast screening and diagnostic technology.

A 3D mammogram captures multiple images of breast tissue to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast. The result is a clearer image and a more accurate test.

3D Mammography Can*

  • Detect 41% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D mammography
  • Reduce the rate of false positives by 40%

*According to studies published in JAMA and JAMA Oncology

Mammographers You Trust

Mammograms are performed by our all-female staff who are bilingual, highly trained, and highly experienced.

We maintain compliance with state and American College of Radiology recommendations to provide effective imaging and therapy while minimizing the exposure to ionizing radiation.

To ensure a safe screening environment, we take all necessary COVID-19 precautions in accordance with the CDC and local and statewide guidelines.

There’s Always a Reason to Make Preventive Care Part of Your Wellness Program

Cancer can’t always be felt.

Regular breast self-exams are an important way to identify changes, but evaluating by touch alone can give cancer time to grow and spread.

A mammogram can see changes in breast tissue as small as a grain of sand, making it the best tool for detecting cancer as early as possible.

Breast Cancer is 99% curable when it’s caught early.

Mammograms can help detect cancer early, before it spreads. According to the American Cancer Society, when breast cancer is detected while it’s contained to the breast, the survival rate is 99%.

Mammograms can save a life.

When breast cancer is identified early, it’s possible to remove only the cancerous tissue (lump) while preserving the healthy tissue around it. Mammograms not only save lives, they save many women from a full mastectomy.

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