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Janice Robbins lost her mom to cancer in 2015. After losing her dear loved one, she went through a period of depression. The next few years were quite challenging, and her health slipped on her priority list. But, when she noticed blood in her stool last year, she knew she couldn’t ignore it.

Her husband had recently received a free colorectal cancer screening kit in the mail from Moncrief Cancer Institute and encouraged Janice to request a kit, too. She did, and they took their tests together.

Two weeks later, Janice received a call from a nurse navigator at Moncrief. The kit confirmed blood in her stool, and the nurse navigator scheduled a follow-up colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy revealed two polyps, and only one could be removed. Again, Moncrief helped navigate Janice to a surgeon who removed and tested the second polyp and surrounding lymph nodes, which revealed cancer. Janice received preventive chemotherapy at the JPS Oncology and Infusion Center and is currently cancer-free.

While the journey was unexpected, Janice is thankful for Moncrief Cancer Institute. 

“Moncrief has been with me every step of the way,” Janice said. “They made the initial discovery on the colorectal cancer screening kit and continued to help me get the care I needed. They made a difficult situation easier, and I’m tremendously grateful.”