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Breast Care Service at UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at Moncrief Cancer Institute

UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center provides comprehensive, patient-focused breast care at its Moncrief Cancer Institute location. We offer the most advanced technologies and techniques available for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Patients benefit from the knowledge and experience from an integrated team of breast care specialists. Physicians with breast expertise, radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, therapists, and more work in tandem to carry out groundbreaking research and deliver unsurpassed care.

For each patient, we develop personalized strategies to improve overall health and well-being, with the goal of enhancing quality of life both today and in the future. We have a dedicated registered nurse navigator to coordinate patients’ care and guide them through the process.

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Services We Provide

Our dynamic and innovative radiology service is committed to achieving the highest standards of patient care and staying on the leading edge of new developments and clinical applications in the ever-changing field of medical imaging – including breast imaging.

As such, we offer both a wide variety of the latest imaging technologies and the advanced expertise needed to accurately diagnose, treat, and monitor breast conditions. In addition, our doctors can also perform biopsy procedures as part of the diagnostic process.

Our modern breast imaging technologies include:       
- High-resolution ultrasound       
- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)       
- Minimally invasive needle biopsy using stereotactic or ultrasound guidance       
- 3D mammography with tomosynthesis

Breast imaging with tomosynthesis – a breakthrough in mammography that provides clearer, more accurate images than digital mammography alone – was introduced to North Texas by UT Southwestern’s Dr. Phil Evans, an internationally renowned breast imager and former president of the American Cancer Society. His pioneering approach to breast imaging led to the development of an entirely new subspecialty: patient-centered breast imaging. His vision drove the creation of the first dedicated breast center in Texas in collaboration with Susan G. Komen. He is one of more than a dozen UT Southwestern radiology specialists delivering highly experienced, exceptional care to patients. Their knowledge and commitment make them an essential part of the continuum of care for patients with cancer.


The first treatment for breast cancer is often surgery. Breast cancer surgery involves removing the tumor and the surrounding tissue that might be cancerous. We offer every surgical option for women with breast cancer, performed by expert and compassionate surgical oncologists who specialize in breast cancer surgery. We work with our patients to select the surgery that is right for them, considering each patient’s special needs and concerns.

These surgical options include:

- Lumpectomy     
- Oncoplastic partial mastectomy or lumpectomy     
- Mastectomy     
- Sentinel lymph node biopsy     
- Axillary lymph node dissection

Surgery for breast cancer is offered at UT Southwestern’s Clements University Hospital. However, you may see your physician for pre- and post-operation appointments in Fort Worth at Moncrief. Our surgical oncologists work closely with plastic surgeons to help patients make the best decision for reconstruction after breast cancer.

Medical treatment

Breast cancer medical treatment involves a variety of therapies to kill cancer cells, stop them from growing, attack some of their specific characteristics, or decrease the chance of them returning.

We offer the following medical treatments in private infusion rooms at Moncrief Cancer Institute:

- Chemotherapy     
- Hormonal therapy     
- Neoadjuvant therapy     
- Targeted therapy

Radiation therapy

Radiation to the breast is often given after breast-conserving surgery to help lower the chance of the cancer recurring in the breast or nearby lymph nodes. UT Southwestern radiation oncologists have pioneered techniques for delivering radiation to the breast while sparing the heart from excess radiation. Our goal is to deliver the best possible treatment while keeping our patients safe and as comfortable as possible. Two types of radiation are traditionally used: external beam radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy, known as brachytherapy.

Radiation therapy is offered at two locations at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. However, you may see your physician for pre- and post- treatment appointments in Fort Worth at Moncrief.

We offer complementary support services for improving your overall health and well-being, including:

- Dietitian services      
- Fertility preservation      
- Fitness training      
- Genetic testing and counseling      
- Mental health services      
- Music therapy      
- Social work services      
- Spiritual support      
- Support groups


Ina J. Patel, D.O.

Dr. Ina Patel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine’s Division of Hematology and Oncology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. She specializes in breast cancer.

Dr. Patel completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago where she performed cancer research. After finishing medical school in Chicago, she completed a residency in internal medicine at Medical City Fort Worth, serving as Chief Resident. She received advanced training in hematology and oncology through a fellowship at Texas A&M College of Medicine. Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, she joined the UT Southwestern faculty in 2020.

Rachel Wooldridge, M.D.

Dr. Rachel Wooldridge is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery’s Division of Surgical Oncology at UT Southwestern. She is also the Co-Medical Director of the Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center Genetic Counseling Program. She specializes in breast cancer surgery.

Dr. Wooldridge earned her medical degree at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine. She completed a residency in general surgery at Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown, New York, and performed her fellowship in breast surgical oncology at UT Southwestern. Certified by the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Wooldridge joined the UT Southwestern faculty in 2013. Her clinical research interests include high-risk breast cancer, surgical options after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, and the role of MRI in breast cancer. In 2018, Dr. Wooldridge received UT Southwestern’s Patient and Family Recognition Award.