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You Can Cope. We Can Help.

Dealing with cancer isn’t just about treatment and surgery – it’s a major change in the way you live.

With the help of our social workers, patients and their families learn to adjust to life after a cancer diagnosis. Our social workers are licensed in oncology, so they’re especially trained to handle the unique challenges facing cancer patients.

The first step is a patient assessment, where a social worker will identify any issues that may be preventing a patient from coping with the disease. From there, we can help find ways to adjust to a life with – and after – cancer.

    For More Information: Call 817.288.9800 and ask to speak to our social worker Hailey Wilshire, LCSW, OSW-C (pictured).

    Social workers can assist in many ways:

    • Referring to community resources for respite, home health care, or medical equipment
    • Discussing how to apply for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare D, and/or COBRA
    • Helping you join a support group
    • Exploring resources available to you for information, support, and financial assistance
    • Helping when you are feeling overwhelmed and just wanting to talk about it with someone who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient
    • Providing information on finding long-term care, assisted living, or hospice services
    • Keeping others updated about your cancer experience without wearing yourself out
    • Planning and preparing for the experience of cancer treatment
    • Thinking about advance directives: Living Will and Medical Durable Power of Attorney
    • Understanding your workplace rights when you have cancer