Clinical Support

Our expert team includes a nationally certified physician assistant: Stephanie Lawrence, PA. She can help cancer patients in a variety of areas, including prevention, screening and early detection and the management of fatigue, pain, depression and memory problems. She can also help with more specialized issues, such as genetic testing, fertility preservation and the late effects of cancer treatment.

Stephanie is available to see cancer survivors at the Moncrief Cancer Institute and in our Mobile Cancer Clinic.

Appointments often include:

• Complete medical history review and physical examination

• Assessment for recurrence of cancer and screening for secondary cancers

• Promotion of healthy lifestyles – diet, exercise and quitting smoking

• Coordination of care with primary care provider and/or oncologist

Fertility preservation

"After years of watching many patients and
life after a cancer diagnosis looks different. It
is a true blessing to have my passion and career
come together at Moncrief. I look forward to
providing excellent care to cancer survivors
in Tarrant and surrounding counties and
encouraging them to live well beyond cancer."
– Stephanie Lawrence, PA-C


Schedule an Appointment: Call 800.405.7739. Appointments are available at no cost for any cancer survivor.